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"For almost 25 years, I have helped restore patient's Functional abilities while avoiding the need for surgery. I thank every one of you for trusting me with your health and allowing me to be part of the solution ." 


Dr. Eric I. Degis, MS, DC



"As a personal trainer in NYC, I deeply appreciate Dr. Degis’ understanding of how to bridge the gap between the realm of rehabilitation and the realm of sport and fitness training. A few years ago, I tore a couple of ligaments in my hand and was incredibly frustrated by the lack of personalized care that I was getting from other specialists and practitioners around Manhattan. Dr. Degis happened to be teaching a course that I was attending and after hearing him speak, I was impressed and asked if he could help. He was kind enough to see me a few days later and within 1 week of Dr. Degis’ treatment and guidance I was finally able to begin returning to the activities I hadn't been able to enjoy for so long. Over the next few years I was able to refer multiple coworkers to him who had been dealing with chronic pain, and whenever I was faced with situations in my own client sessions that were beyond my scope of practice, the Doc would always be willing to offer his diagnostic expertise. On many occasions he provided this insight at no charge to me or my client, which should serve as further testament to his character and willingness to be helpful."

Paul C.

Brooklyn, NY

"I've worked with Dr. D on and off over the years and he's been truly awesome at keeping my back "in shape".  I was first referred to him over a shoulder issue that he diagnosed accurately without the benefit of an MRI - which the orthopedic surgeon used to confirm the diagnosis.  Thanks to his work in "prehabbing" my shoulder before the necessary surgery I was able to cut what was sure to be months and months of rehab down to a much shorter time-frame.  It went so well, I honestly no longer remember which shoulder had the surgery without looking for the scars.

I then returned to Dr. D after experiencing lower back pain - a career on planes, at desks and as an avid cyclist had reached a penultimate challenge in dealing with some bulging discs.  We spent months working together to get my back in shape again and I'm happily on my bike again - no more planes (thanks Covid) and I use a standing desk (absolutely recommended for everyone!).  Since my full in-person rehab program, he's given me exercises to strengthen my core and while I miss his cool office and great tunes - I'm happy to know that if I feel a twinge or neglect the program, he's there to get me back in shape if necessary."

John R.

Westchester, NY

"I've been working with Dr Degis for almost 10 years.  He is truly a functional medicine and rehabilitation expert who has helped me recover from cervical spine trauma and shoulder rehabilitation.  My original injury was due to accident trauma, followed by degradation over time which had severely limited my daily activities. I never believed that I would've been able to return to a fully functional and active lifestyle, but I am now able to participate in high performance sports like triathlons and rock-climbing. I fully credit him for helping me gain an intuitive understanding of my own musculature and kinesthetics.  I continue to see him on a regular basis for injury prevention, functional strength training, and overall physical maintenance. " 

Amit S.

Brooklyn, NY

"I’ve been a patient of Dr. Degis’s for over 5 years. I walked into our initial sessions believing that traditional chiropractic adjustments were the best way to manage lower back problems. I’d never known any different, & thought I’d have to deal with chronic pain for the rest of my life. However with Dr. Degis, he not only asked questions about how the injury developed, but he ordered an MRI to directly assess the issue. Dr. Degis’s approach is to focus on movement & strength. When I'd later developed knee problems, he again ordered an MRI, & created a plan to alleviate pain & restore movement. I have learned so much, becoming much stronger & healthier through his guidance." 


Koku T.

Brooklyn, NY

"After 10 years of recurring back pain, I was referred to Dr. Degis as a miracle worker. Indeed, in our 3 years of working together, he was.

I first suffered a lower back injury playing basketball. I had tried other physical therapists throughout Manhattan but found the work to be focused more on repetitive stretching and not enough on structural issues and strengthening. Dr. Degis' approach was to combine the best of functional medicine, strength training, and traditional chiropractic manipulation for what my body needed. He taught me simple things like how to pick up objects and get out of bed the right way, to more complex strength-based exercises to address my underlying muscular weaknesses. Dr. Degis always met me where I was - in times of acute pain he was able to offer electrostimulation, soft tissue work, manipulation, or icing, while the majority of our twice weekly sessions we worked on techniques to change my body's structure for long-term healing. He was always attentive, focusing more on quality of care for me than quantity of patients. Dr. Degis was a partner in my healing and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to make lasting change. He will have high expectations for you and will meet you with what you need."

Ian M.

Los Angeles, CA

"I first saw Dr. Degis after pulling something in my shoulder during a workout at the gym.  My trainer recommended him very highly and he lived up to the hype!   First - his office is quiet and pristine and there’s always jazz playing.  So I felt comfortable the moment I walked in the door.  Second - Dr. D asked specific questions to be fully informed about the current problem.  He worked on my neck and shoulders, “ reading” the situation and putting me through a series of stretches and repeated motions which to my amazement, had effects that rolled out over the days following my visit.  It wasn’t an abrupt, quick adjustment sort of treatment, but a more deep-tissue release sort of treatment.  Dr. D is great at pinpointing the problem and then treating the body as a whole in order to set up the body to heal itself.  I felt better after the first treatment and then stronger after each subsequent.  Dr. D is always calm and focused and adjusts the treatment for how your body is that particular day.  Sometimes it’s stretches and repeated motions, other times it’s working with some equipment or with a ball on the floor.  I continued to see Dr. D periodically if I needed a “tune-up” but when I broke several ribs last year, he was the only person I trusted to give me some stretches and see how I was healing and how I could speed that process up.  I’m all healed up now and continue to use the exercises he gave me to keep myself strong and pain-free.  Dr. D is the best! "


Sarah F.

New York, NY 

"There are good doctors who practice what they are trained to do and do it well. Then there are great doctors who choose to go above and beyond to deliver the absolute best in patient care each and every day. Dr. Degis is firmly in the upper echelons of the latter. 

With perhaps an unreasonable fear of chiropractors, who seem to get a warped sense of joy at the unnerving sounds of crunching neck bones and cracking spines, I was very hesitant to subject myself to a few rounds of dreaded skeletal cracking. To alleviate a nagging, sometimes crippling lower back issue I’d had for over a year, I admittedly entered Dr. Degis office with much trepidation, though he had come very highly recommended. 

My nervousness must have been palpable as the doctor immediately set about putting me at ease. All fears dissipated when he assured me there would be no grim 19th century-style treatments. Instead, Dr. Degis spoke of a smart and modern approach to chiropractic medicine. I was immediately struck by his affable, empathic demeanor and genuine concern for all the abuse I’d put my back through. No question I asked was treated as ridiculous. On the contrary, Dr. Degis’ answers to all queries were thoughtful and obviously very knowledgeable as he offered common-sense solutions to working out sensibly and going about daily life pain-free. 

Once he pinpointed my back issues, Dr. Degis offered a targeted, very precise treatment focusing on my core. He worked with me to build strength and shared techniques from targeted stretches to precise ways to bear weights. With the very first session, I came away acutely aware of how I walked and sat and was immediately able to apply these techniques to my daily life.

In the many years I’ve been attending Dr. Degis’ practice, I’m smarter for the wealth of knowledge that he imparts. I trust him because he’s fully invested in the best outcomes for my physical health. I’m continually touched by his level of kindness and generosity of spirit. It also helps that Dr. Degis has a great sense of humor. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Degis perfectly crafted a virtual treatment plan that has worked wonders. With the world hunkered down in fear of the deadly virus, in our sessions, Dr. Degis reminded me that maintaining a holistic approach to health is key. With good health comes hope — I’m ready to face our new normal, stronger in body and in mind, thanks to this wonderful doctor.

I can’t recommend Dr. Degis highly enough. He truly is the best of the best." 


June J.

New York, NY

"I started having lower back pain in my early 20s.  By my late 20’s, I was experiencing intermittent sciatica and was diagnosed with two herniated discs in my lower back.  I started spending a lot of time in physical therapy with a number of different therapists to maintain a level of fitness and flexibility to manage my injury without pain.  For the most part, my efforts were successful, but by the time I was in my 40’s, I was experiencing intermittent back pain and sciatica again.  Upon a friend’s recommendation, I made an appointment to see Dr. Eric Degis.  To my surprise, some of the techniques I learned to help manage my back condition were actually aggravating it.  Dr. Degis helped me to modify some of those stretches, such as “cat & cow”, so that they helped facilitate my recovery, not work against it.  Over the course of a year, we also worked on general everyday body mechanics that helped me prevent another flare up.  Although our regular time together was abruptly cut short by the COVID pandemic, I have been able to effectively manage my back condition without pain or stiffness since working with Dr. Degis regularly."

James B.

New York, NY

“I have been seeing Dr. Degis for over 10 years now. I have been having chronic lower back pain and a herniated disc. I had to completely change my approach to movement, stretching and day-to-day activities. From learning how to brush my teeth to picking up an object on the floor. Dr. Degis was able to change a pain that would leave me in bed for days to having no pain at all, but most importantly not reoccurring a few months later. He has become part of my exercise routine as I know it is a delicate balance that I permanently need to stay focused on.”

Sebastien L.

New York, NY

"Years ago I hurt my lower back lifting weights and was diagnosed with a herniated disc at L4-L5.  In the years since, I have experienced periodic flare-ups (often when lifting “heavy”), which would result in weeks of relative agony – my back would lock up and I would experience a lateral lumbar shift that made it hard for me to stand up straight and even walk properly.  Working with Dr. Degis after a recurrence, he devised a regimen of stretches and exercises that speeded my recovery and helped prevent recurrences.  It also enhanced my awareness of my lower back positioning and integrity.  While I still have a herniated disc, my functioning has improved.  I have had fewer flareups and when I do they are less acute and I have a “playbook” to deal with them.  It has been a help to me in remaining active as guy in his late ‘40s.  Dr. Degis is also a good guy and was accommodating of my busy work schedule."

Dave A.

Long Island, NY


"Dr. Degis, aka Dr. D, has supported me through a variety of ailments. He has addressed several of my issues: sciatica, a torn rotator cuff, numerous ankle sprains, carpal tunnel, lumbar pain.  After being prepared for rotator cuff surgery and having to cancel the surgery Dr D looked at the MRI and told me that we can build the surrounding muscles around the rotator cuff, stretch to increase flexibility and heat and stim (not sure of spelling) therapy.  From not being able to lift a tea cup, Dr. D after a few weeks had me raising my hands to touch the skies.  Unlike other therapists, Dr. D takes his time to listen, observe and assess the treatment program. I never feel rushed when I have a session and I prefer not being treated by multiple persons in my recovery. His one-on-one time allows him to see the recovery progression and adjust the therapy for greater outcomes. 

There were the 2 falls in the lovely Manhattan potholes--never fear Dr. D put me back together with exercises to strengthen my core, increase flexibility in my hips and improve my balance. Dr. D listens and reviews MRIs and x-rays to develop a recovery plan that addresses the issues holistically.  He reviews my posture, the heavy bag that I use to commute with and provides exercises to live fully while managing injuries as a late 40+.  He treats the whole person and not just the ailment which is rare!  I have recommended him to several friends and colleagues in the past and they are so grateful for him!"

Jasmine D.

Westchester, NY

"Dr. Degis is the epitome of friendly professionalism and expertise.  I have a herniated disc in my low back and he was able to treat both the acute pain and long term care to ensure their was no recurring flare up.  I saw him regularly for over a year, I only wish he was in my current home town of LA!  Highly recommend."

David R.

Los Angeles, CA

"I've been a patient of Dr. Degis since 2011 dealing with various injuries due to a lifetime of sports, but specifically training Muay Thai with a fight team starting in my late 30s for the next decade.  

Dr. Degis treated my shoulder injuries (rotator cuff and AC joint), hip flexor pain, Achilles pain, and a few other issues that quickly resolved under his care.  The most extensive treatment I needed was for my shoulder that I struggled with pain for many years.  I honestly assumed surgery was in my future.  However, through his conservative treatment plan I am today pain free!  His combo of soft tissue work, strength training, PT, etc was successful when prior attempts with two other Drs failed.  I believe a very important step in my healing are the self care exercises I learned from Dr Degis (and still do today!!) to maintain a pain free shoulder.  

I 've referred at least 5 friends to Dr Degis and all will say the same thing.  That he is simply "the best", and how we actually looked forward to our appointments.  Overall he's just a great person, very personable and truly cares for his clients.  Thank you Dr. Degis!" 

Scott W.

Gaithersburg, MD

"I have known Dr Degis for more than 10 years. He helped me with chronic back pain from working at a desk all day but he really saved my life when I blocked my neck on a freezing January morning a few years back. I couldn’t move, the pain was atrocious and he got me back on a track after a few sessions. Lately, he keeps on saving my life and back since I have an 18-month son that I carry up and down a 4th floor walk up daily. He teaches me the right movements, shows me how to carry him and bend, but also helps me strengthen my back to avoid any pain and to have a stronger core. (I highly recommend his service for punctual pain and also ongoing to build stronger muscles)." 


Chloe V.

New York, NY

"I was referred to Dr. Degis just over 5 years ago by my personal trainer who had worked with him in the past.  I was having very bad knee pain which was becoming debilitating as I could not climb stairs, bicycle or rise from a kneeling position after attempting to pick up my pet


As a physician I was, needless to say, quite concerned.  

I came to visit him and was impressed at how he was able to  diagnose the problem with a careful history and a focused physical examination. He also told me that treatment would not necessitate surgical intervention which was very reassuring.   The MRI confirmed what he had diagnosed and therapy was quickly undertaken.  I have to say that  the therapy has been very successful and what I liked most was his ability to work with my trainer to tailor the exercises in his personal training sessions with me to help speed my recovery along.  

Over the years of seeing him for my bilateral knee  problem, I have had some intermittent musculoskeletal ailments that are a result of exercising and aging......ranging from low back/ upper back pain to neck pain, and right shoulder pain all of which  he has been able to successfully help me rehab without any significant down time.   

I have come to value the service he gave so much that I have referred other physician colleagues to his office for their musculoskeletal troubles and all have had are very complimentary things to say about their experiences.  

In closing my testimonial all I can say is 

Thank you Dr. Degis."


John D.

Brooklyn, NY  


"I took a ten-year hiatus from golf. A quarter way through, my first game revealed something was very off with my golf swing. I realized that I couldn’t twist my upper back. 

After a thorough evaluation, Dr. Degis created a program that incorporated exercises and muscle work in the office, plus stretching and homework. His approach gave me control of my progress, and I saw results. Dr. Degis has an expert understanding of muscle injuries and goes to the root of an issue. I am now back in full swing - pun intended! 

I strongly recommend Dr. Degis to any serious athlete to the office warrior!"

Jenn M.

Brooklyn, NY



Dr. Degis is a great doctor! He’s very understanding and listens to your concerns. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a back specialist.


Guillaume B.

New York, NY





“I first worked with Dr. Degis after experiencing a long, frustrating period of chronic soreness and weakness in my left hip. I was concerned I had a tear in my labrum and was afraid I might need surgery. Dr. Degis gave me a script for an MRI which did reveal a very small tear, but more significantly, just a great deal of inflammation in the bursa sac—something he was confident we could overcome with hard work and physical therapy. We focused on strengthening all the muscles in the kinetic chain—from the feet to the lower back—and after a few months of targeted, intuitive exercise and stretching, the inflammation went away and I was as strong as ever. My hip has been pain free ever since. I really appreciate how committed Dr. Degis was to a non-surgical approach to the problem, and I now have a much better understanding of the things I should (and shouldn’t do) to build and maintain functional strength. I highly recommend Dr. Degis.”


Steve B.

New York, NY




"Dr. Degis is truly a great therapist. Years ago, I had a bad fall that seemed to have triggered arthritis problems at just 19 years old. I had gone to a physical therapist for my pain, but that doctor didn’t seem to really help me get better. A friend at the gym recommended Dr. Degis to me, and I’m so grateful he did. He’s helped me through my arthritis pain, with how to take care of the discomfort, and telling me what activities will hurt it more, so I know what to avoid. We also discovered a herniated disc, but still with his help, I am able to make adjustments to my life that aren’t of significant negative impact but help keep the pain from resurfacing. I may be the stubborn one sometimes when told what I need to do to feel better, but when I listen to what Dr. Degis has to say, I always end up in less pain and in a happier mood. I definitely appreciate him always pushing me to do what’s right for me and my injuries. I also feel it’s also important to just point out that he’s polite and professional, but also great at joking around to lighten the mood or just distract from sometimes difficult exercises to make them easier to get through. Thanks to Dr. Degis, I’m still able to safely and correctly weightlift, get through everyday tasks, and live my life without pain or discomfort despite my injuries. I know that he’s a doctor that truly cares about his patients and improving their lives. I couldn’t have asked for a better Therapist!"


Emily S.

Brooklyn, NY

"I knew Dr. Degis as an educator for two years prior to seeking his care and wish I hadn't waited! my lower back, hips, and shoulders feel a million times better since beginning therapy with him. Although I'm a fitness instructor, I always learn better ways to move my own body and Dr. Degis shows me both manual and active ways to maintain and improve my performance. it wasn't until I began seeing Dr. Degis that I was free of pain amid my training and could feel confident to see a professional for help. I credit the comfort I consistently feel to Dr. Degis!"


Wesley B.

Brooklyn, NY

"My work keeps me sitting most of the day; which increases the likelihood of having lower back pain. Dr. Degis works with the reality of my situation by creating a wholistic approach to combat both the pain as well as the underlying reasons contributing to this condition. He provided clear guidelines for how to modify my behavior to counteract the contributing factors. Additionally, he was very successful in eliminating the back spasms i was suffering from. 

I left the office, feeling immeasurably better-armed with the appropriate exercises, body positioning and ways in which to mitigate any resurgence of discomfort."


New York, NY

"Dr. D was recommended to me by a fellow trainer. I've experienced chronic pain in my shoulders, and a weird sensation in my right hip, for a long time. I've had a variety of opinions from different PT's that never gave me any clarity. Within five minutes of meeting Dr. D, he diagnosed my right hip with a torn labrum, and prescribed me several exercises to aid with that and the pain in my shoulders. After only a few months of being his patient, my shoulder pain is all but gone, I'm a little stronger and a little more flexible, and I think I even have better posture! I'd definitely recommend Dr. D to anyone who wants to alleviate chronic bodily pain."



Sarah B.

Brooklyn, NY

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