Conservative Spine & Musculoskelatal Rehabilitation


Our Promise

We realize that the pain of your spinal and/or your chronic Musculoskeletal issue is difficult enough. You should not have to deal with the pain and confusion that often goes along with treating it. We promise to earn your trust while being compassionate and honest, and to deliver a comprehensive experience that gets you better and keeps you better. Our approach is as unique as every individual we treat.






Our Mission

Over 80% of the population suffer from spinal associated issues and even more from chronic Musculoskeletal pain syndromes. Those numbers are steadily rising each year. New York Spine Health’s mission is to Educate, Guide, & Empower chronic pain sufferers to take back control of their own health. You deserve to be pain-free, to avoid surgery, and to be able to enjoy all the benefits of an active lifestyle. Your pain does not define who you are, and your treatment should not be solely geared toward treating just your pain. Addressing the causes will finally help you break the pain cycle and to move forward.

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