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Clinician Guided Exercise Programs

Exercise and fitness can come in many shapes and forms. Yoga, Pilates, and Barre. Cross Fit, Olympic lifting, and Plyometrics. Running, cycling, and swimming.

No matter what you call a form of exercise, it still adheres to the physical laws of physics and forces. Exercise involves movement and generates forces that are exerted on the body. Your body does not know or care what you call it, it just knows shearing, torqueing, and compression forces. It also has limits and knows when those limits are reached. A movement in Yoga may be as or more destructive than a movement in an Olympic lifting session. There is potential for injury in every form of exercise. If you can not identify the stress in a movement, then the chances of injury increase.

I have spent the better part of my life involved in fitness and training at all levels. From a competitive athlete in HS and college to a recreational athlete dad at age 53. I have also devoted countless hours over the last 25 years to educating and guiding  those fitness professionals who are entrusted with their clients bodies. 

I have treated countless fitness related injuries that could have been avoided. I have challenged the fitness profession to take greater responsibility for the actions they take today and the long-term effects it will have on their clients future.

Many of my patients are active and want to continue to exercise. All of them more importantly want to continue to be pain free while they enjoy an active lifestyle. It is for this reason that I continue my educational work within the fitness industry.

I am a consultant to many national fitness organizations as well as local gyms in NYC. I continually work to keep fitness clients and my  fitness patients from becoming injured both in and out of the gyms.

My patients learn how to identify the potential for damage in all movements within their lives, both in and out of the Gym. They can take a fitness class and see the potential for injury in each movement they are taught by their instructor. They can identify and correct a movement they are asked to do by their trainers. They can also educate their trainers and instructors on what is destructive and what needs to be modified or to be omitted in terms of all exercises.

Whether you have a trainer or instructor that needs to be guided or if you are looking for someone who I trust and so can you, clinician guided exercise programs are designed to keep you moving, feeling good, and avoiding injury from exercise.

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