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TIME: The missing ingredient!

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

I have never written a blog post in my life. I have read countless posts on other people’s sites, but I just never gave it much thought that I should be posting on my own blog.

So, why now?

Simply, the time is right!

2021 is the start of a new life for my family and I. First and foremost, my son who was diagnosed with Hurthle Cell carcinoma in 2020, is now cancer free!

In addition, I have joined a true integrated healthcare system at HealthQuarters along with the Doctors at Mt. Sinai Hospital. For the first time in a long time, I have a renewed hope for the future of healthcare and my role in it.

2021 marks the beginning of a fresh new start for all of us!

It is fitting then that with the start of a new professional life that I should begin to focus on those things that matter the most to me. The thing that I do best is also the thing that gives me the most satisfaction in accomplishing.

With that, I am beginning to focus more of my efforts on treating and preventing what is quickly becoming an "epidemic like" issue that continues to effect millions of people each year. An issue that is draining our healthcare system daily and is the number two reason behind the common cold as the reason for lost time from work.

80% plus, of Americans will be affected by it and most will have reoccurring bouts that can and usually will force them to alter their lives.

It is a mechanical issue that can and usually does effect people mentally in addition to physically. In some, it may even lead to severe depression due to its chronicity.

It is usually mistreated, over treated, ignored, and even downplayed. As a result, people who suffer from it may continue to suffer months or even years later.

So, have you guessed what I am talking about? Well, it may not seem possible but in this day and age of technology and advanced care, low back issues are quickly becoming an epidemic in our country and are on a trajectory to inflict 90% of the population in the next 20 years.

Low back care has failed us!

I too was inflicted by it when I was in my early 20’s and I suffered needlessly for years under the care of Ortho’s, Chiro’s, and PT's who spend more time treating my symptoms and very little time trying to find out why my problem started and what I could do going forward to make sure it didn’t consume or limit my life.

It took me decades of personal suffering and eventual trial and error with thousands of patients to realize that there is one key ingredient missing from most low back care in the USA. An ingredient which happens to be the scarcest commodity known to man. One that most doctors and therapists are unable or unwilling to provide in their care of low back issues. A commodity that if it were increased in all low back care cases would dramatically cut the current numbers and future instances in half!

I give you the magic ingredient for the successful treatment of most low back issues: TIME!


You mean TIME as in wait and see TIME?

Absolutely not. That is a waste of TIME!

Waiting and seeing and hoping it goes away is not the answer.

By TIME, I mean the willingness of doctors and providers to take the TIME and invest it in their patients care. As well, the willingness of patients to invest TIME in their own care and learning how to take care of themselves. And finally, the TIME it takes to learn new habits and to understand how our bodies work so that we can move and be free of the fear of re-injuring ourselves.

How do I invest TIME in helping my low back patients?

I invest as much TIME as is needed to uncover the causes of their low back issues.

It takes TIME to explore a person’s past and all the contributing factors that caused their issues.

It then takes TIME to educate a person as to why it happened and then to show them where in their current lives, they continue to exert the forces on their spines that keep them in pain and dysfunction.

TIME to then get a person to re-learn their bodies abilities to move and to then feel how to move effectively so that their bodies can perceive hidden stresses in movement.

It then takes TIME for patients to practice what they have learned using strategies that I teach them that can be incorporated into their lives.

Lastly, it takes TIME to see results.

Results are not always as noticeable in the short term, but over TIME a person will not just feel better but will actually be better. They will understand why and how, so that going forward they will be able to keep themselves safe and be able to move without fear of re-injury.

Todays’ healthcare has too narrow of a focus on pain relief (opioids?) along with the imposed limitations placed on providers by insurance companies to see as many patients as possible, TIME has become less of a part of a persons care and is often replaced with a “get out of pain” quick approach that takes up very little TIME.

I learned as a patient and then as a provider, that when we don’t spend TIME with patients getting to understand their contributing factors, the end results are not only unsatisfactory, but the eventuality is it wastes more TIME down the road.

I know what it takes to get people better and keep them better and TIME is the key ingredient that can not be left out.

Going forward my promise to you is to invest the TIME it takes to supply you with useful tips, strategies, education, and ways to maximize your TIME in dealing with and preventing low back issues. And, I hope to encourage you to play it forward by sharing what you've learned with a friend, family member, fitness partner, or co-worker who has been denied the TIME they needed in their care.

From exercise to living within your life, you can take control of ridding and or preventing low back issues. I will help guide you if you just give me the TIME to do so.

"If our current methods of treating low back issues were working, we would not be heading in this direction".

It is TIME for a change in how we address low back issues and I hope to be the catalyst for that change.

We can't go back in TIME, but we can make a difference together going forward.

I hope that this post reaches you all in good health and until next TIME, be safe, be happy, and be mindful of the world around you.


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