Conservative Care Model: 

It just makes sense.

Our Conservative Care model takes a comprehensive and individualized approach that analyzes each person’s life as a unique whole. The end goal is to educate, guide, and empower, each person to be able to take control of their health. It encompasses 23 years of clinical and personal experiences having  worked with thousands of spine pain patients. The end result is an adaptable model that gets people better and keeps them better. 


Phase I: Everything you need to know about why your body broke down and why you are in pain. Patients learn why certain movements/activities are destructive stressors and how they have contributed to this gradual breakdown. The next step is to identify those underlying stresses in all aspects of your life including; exercise, work, hobbies, and family life. This step is where you finally see why you are in pain, how it all started, and why it continues to occur. Acknowledge and Identify so that you can finally understand how to heal.

Phase II: Knowing is the foundation that allows  you to Acknowledge the causes and to then identify their existence in your life. Now comes the time that our bodies need to catch up to our minds. Prior injuries, poor habits and decisions, and general life stress have led to physical limitations in movement. Learning how to correct for these limitations and re-acquainting your body to your mind is the next step. Think of this as not just learning to move but "feeling" the movement. This phase allows for the basis for all other movement, including exercise. Patients become aware of their movement so that  fear and uncertainty are replaced with confidence.

Phase III: Your life is as unique as your body and everything that has contributed to its limitations. Functional movement is movement that is useful and applicable to your life. Re-learning how to move within your life and with your limitations will allow you to exercise and generally live a pain free, productive life. Functional movement for you can be as simple as getting out of bed to as complicated as dead lifting an object off the floor. Whether you want to Cross-fit or take a Hot Yoga class or your dealing with the physical stress of being a new parent, your body and mind will both be ready for whatever your life throws at it.


This conservative care model is based on the science of movement and the physical laws of stress and how they can break down the body. It takes an in-depth approach to a complicated problem. It then makes it accessible to anyone regardless of their ability. This approach can work for most spine related issues from one-time acute occurrences, to chronic decade long sufferers. From those looking to prevent surgery to those struggling to recover after surgery. It removes the uncertainty and can save you time, money, and frustration. It will help silence the noise created by the countless “so called” experts.














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